Create a website or eshop without coding knowledge
and publish to the web with one click?


Build a website / ecommerce shop with our new ONECLICKPUBLISH Website Builder.

Your website is fully responsive.
That means that your website is automatically displayed optimally on smartphone tablet and desktop.
It does not matter on which device your website is viewed, it always looks perfect!

These fully NginX and HTML-based websites are known for their loading speed.
NginX servers are known for the fastest connections.
These websites no longer need a database.
The website, s connections run automatically via the nearest NginX server.

You can add more than 45 languages ​​to your website.
You can add various language selection menus eg country flags or written texts.

Create professional websites like a real web designer.
Elements you need for your website such as photos, text files and even word files
can be added directly from your computer with drag and drop.
Easily add social media plugins for Facebook Twitter and Youtube.
Add a Skype connection to your website for direct interaction with your visitors.
Add what you want like photo slides photo galleries buttons menus google map form lines etc etc
Try the demo site builder and discover all the functions and choose from the 190+ website templates.

This OneClickPublish site builder is also very suitable for creating an ecommerce shop with products.
Easily add a shopping card with payment plugin to your website and
receive all types of payments via Mollie iDeal, Paypal or Visa.



Import / transfer any website with
one click.


Enter the URL of the website that you want to import below.
That is very easy with our new ONECLICKPUBLISH website builder.

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